Beer On Tap


We have fully stocked bars but we're not called the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden for nothing! Below you'll find a list of our current draft beer selections. We rotate our draft beer selection throughout the year so please call if you are looking for something specific or are interested in our selection of bottled and Gluten-Free beers.

Pilsner Urquell 4.4%
Krusovice 4.8%
Schofferhofer 2.5%
Czechvar —%
Spaten 5.2%
Hoegaarden 4.9%
Brouczech Dark 5%
Goose Island IPA 5.9%
Modelo 4.4%
Sam Adam Seasonal 5.3%
Hofbrau 6.3%
Coney Island Merman IPA 7.9%
Erdinger Weiss 4.7%
Blue Moon 5.4%